3. Linux DriverΒΆ

The Mango 802.11 MAC/PHY design includes a Linux driver named mango_wlan. This driver creates up to four wireless network interfaces in Linux running on the same Xilinx SoC as the 802.11 MAC/PHY design. These interfaces are standard Linux wireless NICs that supports the same OS and application interfaces as standard Wi-Fi NICs, but use the Mango 802.11 stack for all MAC/PHY processing. This combination provides complete visibility of the entire wireless networking stack, from the lowest level RF/PHY interface to the top of the application layer.

The current Mango 802.11 Linux driver supports the Xilinx Zynq UltraScale+ MPSoC, RFSoC, and Versal devices. Mango provides reference Xilinx PetaLinux projects for the supported hardware platforms. The kernel modules have been verified both in PetaLinux and vanilla Linux designs running on Xilinx SoC devices.