BSS Configuration

The bss_config_t structure contains the minimum set of information to define a wireless network. All members of a BSS must know the information in this structure in order to communicate with one another. It contains the following fields:

Parameter Description
u8 bssid[6] BSSID for the network. Typically the hardware address of an AP or a locally administered address for an IBSS network.
u8 chan_pri Primary channel for the network.
chan_type_t chan_type The type of channel being used. Valid enums are CHAN_TYPE_BW20, CHAN_TYPE_BW40_SEC_BELOW, and CHAN_TYPE_BW40_SEC_ABOVE.
char ssid[33] Null-terminated SSID string for the network, maximum of 32 characters
u8 ht_capable 0 if the network only supports NONHT (11a/g) rates, 1 if the network also supports HT (11n) rates
u16 beacon_interval Beacon transmission interval, in units of TU (1 TU = 1024 µsec)
u8 dtim_period DTIM period used for multicast buffering, in units of beacon intervals